Training Equipment

Resistance System

Blazing Thunder Sports has patented a resistance system which, until now, has never been done before. Previously mentioned research, along with much additional research, leaves no question that the most effective method to increase athletic speed, strength, quickness, and power is through introducing resistance while performing movements which are as closely as possible related to actual athletic movements.


Our patented multi-directional resistance system is the only system available which is capable of loading the legs or arms while performing ACTUAL athletic movements. Instead of using training methods which try to approximate athletic movements it is now possible to do resisted movements which are identical to game or competition movement patterns. In addition to the resistance system, we've developed a data collection system capable of collecting and recording all movements and forces over time and distance. Data can be collected at specific intervals or for every workout. This allows for the comparison of performance and development over time. It further enables a trainer to determine areas of weakness or imbalance. That information can be used to design a program based on the data.

The resistance system is now available on our ice skating treadmills and will be available on many pieces of training equipment now being developed by Blazing Thunder Sports. A complete line of speed, quickness, and power development equipment is now in development for hockey, speed skating, football, track, other field sports and swimming.